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Welcome to the most enjoyable side of the world                                      Cairo time

We believe the best of the world is traveling around, discovering the new world and the past as well, it is a great pleasure to sea and touch the history by hands not only to read about or to study, what a great feeling when you touch the pyramids of Egypt, the Petra of Jordan, the Eiffel tower in Paris, and what a big pleasure to stay a week in Disney Land in America, to go for skiing in Europe and Lebanon, to hiking the Himalaya, there is a lot to say and a lot to do, just come through and be sure you will find a very good traveling tool on


Egypt the Grand Dream

It's a wonderful dream to see the pharaohs ancient world, the Pyramids, Sphinx, Menf City, Habu City, Tiba City, it's all made by the pharaohs, there is a lot to see and to do in Egypt, come and discover this special world. Email us with your arrival and departure date an we will suggest the best tour for you in this beautiful land. Click here to see or email us on with your request.


Western Desert Safari

History alone may not lure a traveler to the Western Desert, but will! This is adventure offered up in degrees so there is something for everyone: mild for those who insist on a good shower and a swimming pool at the end of the day; strong for those who like to go into the wilderness to camp, but know that the paved road and the high tension lines are nearby; or intense, where one tempts the fates and carries all the water, gasoline, and food necessary for a 10-to-24-day step-off-the-edge-of-the-earth escapade. Any one of these journeys is worth putting on your wish list.


Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise is the most enjoyable tour you can do ever in Egypt and the Middle East, discover the best boats of the Nile and touch the class of service on our classification which you will never find somewhere else on the Internet, Choose your Cruise among Super Luxury Boats, Deluxe Nile Cruise, Five Stars Boats, Four Stars Boats, and even Three Stars Boats or just email us with your request on and we will suggest the best for you.



We would like to add a flash idea to the people whom do not know the real Islam and got wrong image from the Terrorists around the world , this small part clears that Islam is  a religion from the god and not a behavior of some criminals Click here to know who is Mohamed the Great Messenger from the Greater God Allah .

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Our Big surprise for this Season, a very special incredible offer on the Red Sea

Stay in Hurghada, Egypt as low as $15  only per person in Double room per night based on Bed only, viewing the Beach Front with a private beach a few steps from your room and enjoy the Red Sea at Swiss Wellness Spa Resort

for reservation please email us on

this offer is limited for April, May & June


Africa the Wild World

Africa describes the taste of nature and pure life, had you ever been in African Safari before? if yes or not you will be eager to discover this world, it's the nature as it is, here only you are far away from all the world security and danger at the same time.

discover these places: Kenya, South  Africa, Tanzania, Ghana and more.

Asia the Magic World

Have you enough time to spend there? there is a lot to see and feel, it's a hidden world living behind the Himalaya mountains, the Tibet, the Indian world, the Chinese history, Thailand and it's unbelievable beautiful lands and coasts, the Malaysian new world, Singapore the business city .. and more.

The Middle East

Here the people start, here a long term of civilizations built it's today tourist attractions, but take care, the best is the weather all year round.

come to see the Pyramids, Sphinx and the great temple of Egypt, the Roman civilization in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, the Holy Lands, the best coasts, sands and places for diving and water sports, and please add the Sahara Safari, then you are in the best place for tourism.

come to see: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Emirates, the Holy Land... and more.

Conferences and Conventions

The ByeByeNet Team welcoming you to hold and organize your conferences, Celebrities, Conventions with our specialists organizers, all kind of events, all size.


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SamsoniteThe Dream becomes true now, go and dream with a unique tour never being forgotten, send us your dream on  and we have the ability to let your dreams come true. What is your questions for a wonderful trip, Where to go, Why to go this place, What to do there, How many days would you stay there, and How much it will cost you??!!  We have answers for all your questions, it's all here under your fingers and your mouse!!






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